Friday, January 22, 2010

Poem #19 of 365: Babylon is on Fire

Babylon is on fire.

The gypsies will no longer roam,
Crystal balls will be thrown
Against the Great Wall of China
And tarot cards will be ripped
and thrown in faces of idolaters.

The earth has been salted
And the minds have been lobotomized,
children sodomized
and reprogrammed with USB drives
Containing an MS DOS program
Bringing mankind back to the basics--
We are the primates speaking code--
The chimpanzees, the apes, the monkeys
swinging from trees
foraging the forest
For signs of evolution,
Predicting the Apocalypse
with the position of star alignment
for 2012.

We live in chaos
because the Tower of Babel
was built way too high
and Tarzan can't climb that high,
Superman can't fly
or leap that high
in a single bound.
No one will be saved this time.

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