Tuesday, June 03, 2008


A few years ago I heard Henry Louis Gates, Jr. mention on television that he's from West Virginia. I already knew that. But the thing that did suprise me was when he suggested that he'd NEVER go back to THAT state. I was hurt. I was mortified. I was angry. But the older I get the more I understand his perspective. It's an truth that's been unspoken until now.

Normally, I'm extremely defensive when it comes to the state of West Virginia. Importantly, I used to call it MY state. But i can't any longer.

My God! Did this reporter attempt to find the biggest hicks in the entire state of West Virginia?

I wonder if I should comment on the lady who claims that Obama is a muslim and how we shouldn't vote for anyone who ISN'T American?

Or, perhaps, should I comment about the racist couple who believe Obama can't recite the pledge of allegiance and so cannot RULE properly?

My God! I've so many choices. Oh So many. . .

Clinton supporters, I apologetically say this: Look at these idiots and see yourselves mirrored!

Hilariously so, the only ones who seemed to have common sense are the Black folk. The best line of the entire video clip was:

Question: "Do you think WV will come out for Obama?"
Answer: "No, there are too many rednecks in West Virginia."

And sadly, or maybe I should say proudly, the Black lady who responded was telling the God-foresaken truth.

I can no longer live in a state that promotes and equates undereducation, lack of progression, simple-mindedness, and racial strife. I am sorry, but I can not. I am beyond that.