Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bridget, the Prostitute

My friend, Derron, and I interviewed this woman who is always down at Union Square in Manhattan with a sign asking for money and claims to be a former prostitute. We interviewed her on video and audio for a few projects that we're working on. Because of the length of the interview, we had to divide it into two shows. You can listen by clicking on the episodes below, However I recommend going to iTunes to download it. keyword: BougieBlackShow

Interviewing her and her boyfriend had me thinking of some of my roughest moments, financially. So I can see how the idea of being addicted to the quick and easy money could be appealing. A friend I met in grad school (see story titled "Billy" in my book 'Cold, Black, and Hungry'), had committed credit card fraud in my name. Many authorities at the time had no clue on how to even resolve fraud committed by the internet. Not counting those bills, I was stuck with approximately $2000 of monthly expenses (rent, student loans, utilities). I was broke.

But being broke stirred my creativity. I painted, I wrote, I drew, I gave consultations. I worked. Never had I once thought of prostitution/hustling and selling myself for a few bucks. Never did I think about dancing in a club for a few bucks. BUT, when you're addicted to drugs, I'm sure all exceptions become acceptable. And, importantly, I question how difficult would it be to "clean up" your act. And, why is it that you're flying solo--the only one in the family that, perhaps, has a problem. Everyone seems as if they are in top-knotch working order. . . Everyone but you.