Saturday, January 02, 2010

Facing the Truth

(dedicated to Caiterona and Consanguine)

Last nite, all was still. Everything was divine. I fancied the moment, and I lived for the moment.

It had been days since I had heard the beautiful, mournful harmony. But I was soothed. I retired on my bed as the tides tossed me across the ocean. The nite was gentle like silk. As I travelled into the ewater I could hear the tides colliding against the rocks. I was lost in thought, and my thoughts were missplaced in visions.

The song began, and still, I drifted on the water and rode the tides as angels ride the wind. The violins could be heard again. Its sound grew louder as the tides diminished into the coast. The saltwater rolled down my face, and I couldn't tell if it were from the ocean or from my eyes. The water was getting immeasurable, and I began to sink.

I can not swim! I won't make it to see tomorrow.

The deep sound of the cello and teh charming chords of the violin informed me the end was near. I didn't want to believe the truth! The song would not repeat this time.

Today, all dreams came true, again.

There is no longer any peace. The doves can not mate any longer--they are impotent. I want to hear the sounds of the male enticing the female. But the creatures are beautiful, natural, and lifeless.

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